Pokemon Is Celebrating All Things Ball Guy

The Pokemon Company is celebrating one of Pokemon Sword and Shield's oddest characters. Over night, the Pokemon Company transformed its English and Japanese Twitter accounts into "Ball Guy," a friendly mascot figure that gifts players with rare Poke Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Not only did the Twitter accounts change their name to "Ball Guy," their Twitter profile picture were also changed to Ball Guy's face. The changes were made to promote a new giveaway, in which players can obtain certain kinds of Poke Balls by inputting codes into Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Players can use the following codes to obtain these Poke Balls:

Fast Ball, Moon Ball, Level Ball: K0UN1NMASC0T

Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball: 1YAHAYA

Love Ball, Friend Ball, Dream Ball: 0KUGAFUKA1B0RU

Ball Guy is the mascot of the Galar Pokemon League and stands in the stadium lobby of each gym. By talking to Ball Guy, players can obtain rare Poke Balls like the Apricorn Poke Balls from Pokemon Gold and Silver, or the Dream Ball from Pokemon Black and White. While popular among older fans, these balls were extremely rare (as you couldn't obtain them outside of their respective regions) up until Pokemon Sun and Moon. In both Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Sword and Shield, players could obtain an extremely limited number of these Poke Balls. Other than Ball Guy or the codes above, the only way to obtain these Poke Balls is to win a Champions Cup tournament and then talk to the Ball Guy.


Surprisingly, the Ball Guy who appears in the game isn't the "official" Ball Guy, but rather an unsanctioned fan. While referred to as the Ball Guy, no one knows their true identity, age, or even gender. The Ball Guy's source of his Poke Balls are also a mystery, making this one of the biggest secrets in the new games.

Players can redeem the above codes until January 15th, 2020.