Pokemon Sword and Shield Simplifies a Popular Pokemon's Evolution Method

Pokemon Sword and Shield has gotten rid of another strange set of evolution requirements. One of several Pokemon making a comeback in the new Isle of Armor DLC is Rockruff and its evolution Lycanroc. Lycanroc was unique in that it had version exclusive forms - the Midday Forme of Lycanroc could only be obtained by evolving Rockruff in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Ultra Sun while the Midnight Forme of Lycanroc could only be obtained the same way in Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Ultra Moon. However, those version exclusive requirements are now gone in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In order to get the Midday Form of Lycanroc in Pokemon Sword and Shield, players simply need to evolve their Rockruff through leveling up during the day. Likewise, the Midnight Form of Lycanroc simply needs to be evolved during the night. There are no other game requirements to get both standard forms of the Pokemon.

The third form of Lycanroc, the Dusk Form, is a bit trickier to obtain. As in previous games, only a Rockruff with the Ability "Own Tempo" can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc and it needs to be evolved during "Dusk" (which we've seen one report to be 7 PM to 8 PM ET, but is yet to be confirmed.) Players can either obtain a Rockruff with Own Tempo through breeding or have one saved via their copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. If players can't find an Own Tempo Rockruff, they can also try their luck in Max Raid Battles, as the Dusk Form Lycanroc is a rare Max Raid Battle Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield notably did away with location-based evolutions, and it looks this is another example of simplifying evolutions to make them more accessible for all players.

You can pick up the Isle of Armor DLC today by purchasing the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pack on the Nintendo eShop.

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