Pokemon Sword & Shield's Sobble Will Make You Cry....Literally

One of Pokemon Sword & Shield's brand new Pokemon has a bizarre and delightful ability. Earlier this year, Pokemon fans met Sobble, one of the three Starter Pokemon that players can choose when starting Pokemon Sword & Shield. While the Fire-type Scorbunny and Grass-type Grookey seemed energetic and enthusiastic, Sobble seemed much more subdued and skittish. Players related to the timid Sobble and its constant anxiety, and many fans christened it as the embodiment of millennial worry in the Pokemon franchise. Today, the Pokemon Company released some new information about Sobble, including a defense mechanism that leaves people in tears.

According to a press release published by the Pokemon Company, Sobble has tears that "are as potent as a hundred onions." When Sobble feels threatened, it starts to bawl and spread its tears around its surroundings. Those tears will cause everyone else to start crying uncontrollably and give Sobble a distraction with which to escape. Sobble can also blend into its surroundings when it touches water, and can secrete the water in its body to cause it to turn invisible when nervous or embarrassed.

So - not only can Sobble literally turn invisible when it sweats, it can also cause people to uncontrollably cry when it feels threatened and then uses the mass hysterics as a way to escape. If people didn't relate to Sobble before, people should love this weird little Pokemon and its amazing coping mechanisms now.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Sobble's abilities have any mechanical effect in Pokemon Sword & Shield as its official ability (Torrent) is the same as every other Water-type Pokemon in the game.

Sobble will appear in Pokemon Sword & Shield, which comes out on November 15th.