Pokemon TCG Brings Back Another Long-Absent Card, Paradox Pokemon Mechanic Teased

Ace Spec Cards are returning to the Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is bringing back Ace Spec cards after a ten year absence. At the Closing Ceremony of the Pokemon World Championships in Yokohama, Japan, The Pokemon Company revealed that they would re-introduce Ace Spec cards in 2024. Ace Spec cards are powerful trainer cards with a rules limitation of having only one Ace Spec card per deck, similar to how players can only have one Radiant Pokemon per deck. Ace Spec cards haven't appeared in the game since 2013, and have the potential to vastly shape the popular trading card game over the next several years. 

The Pokemon Company also revealed how Paradox Pokemon would factor into the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Both Ancient and Future Pokemon will have labels on them (Ancient and Future respectively) and a special card treatment. While no cards were shown off using these labels, it's likely that the cards will utilize a similar synergy mechanic as Battle Styles, with certain cards and abilities only impacting those particular cards. It's a powerful mechanic and will likely result in several strong themed decks emerging over the next year or so. 

Also announced earlier in the weekend was the reveal that TM cards will be returning to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. These cards feature an extra move that a Pokemon can use when the TMs are attached to a Pokemon, but the card must be discarded at the end of the turn. 

No specific date was given for the release of Paradox Pokemon. However, the November set is rumored to be called Paradox Rift, so we can likely see these Pokemon start to pop up soon. Meanwhile, players can experience the brand new Obsidian Flames set, which just came out last week. The Obsidian Flames set features a Dark-type Charizard EX card that is sure to be a hot item with Pokemon fans.