Pokemon Files Patent on Technology That Could Change Streaming Card Games Forever

The Pokemon Company has filed a patent on some new technology that could greatly advance how card games are streamed on the Internet. Last week, PokeBeach reported on a new patent filing for RFID tag-embedded card sleeve that can be used in conjunction with cameras to help improve the interactive viewing experience of card game matches online, such as those streamed by The Pokemon Company during various regional and world championship tournaments for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The technology uses RFID tags to track the locations of cards, which would allow both viewers and commentators to see which cards are in a player's hand, which are still in their deck, and which are in a discard pile without informing the players themselves. 

The technology is credited to The Pokemon Company employee Paul Earl Grimes and was originally filed back in 2019. However, the patent wasn't awarded to The Pokemon Company until earlier this year, which could explain why we haven't seen it used yet. This technology isn't necessarily exclusive for use in Pokemon Trading Card Games - the patent notes it could be used in poker tournaments or in any other card game tournament. 

If utilized, the technology could open up brand new avenues for interacting with card game matches on Twitch and elsewhere. Not only does the RFID technology provide real-time information about cards that can't be captured through cameras, it could also be used to enhance visuals so that viewers who much more information than before. Currently, card games like The Pokemon Trading Card Game, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh either use an overhead camera and under the table cameras to help show various bits of information or have moved to digital versions of the game such as Magic: Arena for a better playing experience. Given that The Pokemon Company heavily features the Pokemon Trading Card Game at in-person tournaments, this could be a great way to enhance viewing.