Pokemon TCG's Next Expansion Is Chilling Reign

The next expansion to the Pokemon Trading Card Game is 'Chilling Reign,' which will feature the [...]

The next expansion to the Pokemon Trading Card Game is "Chilling Reign," which will feature the new Legendary Pokemon Calyrex. PokeBeach reports that the new Pokemon card set will be released in June and will contain Pokemon V and VMAX cards of Ice Rider Calyrex and Shadow Rider Calyrex. Like the Battle Styles expansion, which is set to come out this month, the release of "Chilling Reign" will be delayed by one month from the Pokemon TCG's usual release schedule. No other information about the set was provided, although it will likely contain cards featured in the Japanese expansions "Matchless Fighters" and "Silver Lance/Jet-Black Spirit." The set will also continue the new Battle Styles mechanic introduced in the "Battle Styles" expansion.

The popularity of the Pokemon TCG has exploded during the pandemic. While other card games have turned to digital formats to stay afloat, the collector mentality and younger age demographics of the Pokemon TCG have kept those cards in extremely high demand. Due to a combination of high demand and low supply from production disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are widespread Pokemon TCG product shortages. That has led to a spike in secondary prices, with many booster boxes and Elite Trainer Boxes selling for hundreds of dollars more than their retail prices. The supply shortages were bad enough that The Pokemon Company even commented, saying they were dedicating more resources to producing more cards and that re-prints are on the way.

It remains unclear whether "Chilling Reign" will be the set that contains a previously announced Professor Willow card, the result of a collaboration between the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon Go. Based on the timing of that announcement, the likelihood does seem rather strong. We'll provide more details about the set when it becomes available.