Pokemon Adds Second Foil Card Per Booster Pack to Upcoming Trading Card Game Expansion

An upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion is getting an extra rare card in every pack. The Pokemon Company announced that the US and European versions of the upcoming "Shining Legends" expansion will have two foil cards in every pack. Typically, booster packs will only have one "rare" card, which isn't guaranteed to be a foil card.

The upcoming "Shining Legends" expansion is a special expansion in several different ways. Not only does it feature the return of 'Shining' Cards, a type of card not seen in over a decade, the cards won't be available to purchase in single booster packs. Instead, players have to buy special boxes containing multiple booster packs, along with several special promo packs.

This is the second year in a row that the Pokemon Company has released a special expansion exclusively available in boxed sets. Last year, the Pokemon TCG had a special Generations card set that combined two Japanese sets of cards and could only be purchased in special 'Mythical Collection' box sets. Clearly those last box sets sold well, so we're getting a new collection just in time for the holiday season.

In addition to the regular boxed collections, which should cost about $16 a piece, there's also a "Premium Collection" that contains 10 boosters, 3 promo foil cards, a playmat, and three collector boxes. The Premium Collection will cost $80 and is probably intended as a big money present for the holidays.


As of right now, "Shining Legends" will have 73 cards in the set, plus several 'secret rare' cards. We'll have a full list of the cards when the expansion comes out in October. You can purchase the special 'Shining Legends' boxes starting in October.