Pokemon's Team Skull Line of Merchandise is Ready for Mischief

team skull

The Pokemon Company's latest line of merchandise is perfect for cosplayers or fans of villainous characters.

Earlier this month, the online Pokemon Center store debuted a new line of exclusive Team Skull merchandise featuring clothing and other items inspired by the villainous team based out of the Alola region.

The Pokemon Center was nice enough to send us a complete set of Team Skull merchandise, so we could see if we could pull off the whole villain look

The full line comes with a complete Team Skull outfit - a black t-shirt with a blingy Team Skull necklace pattern, a short-sleeve zip-up Guzma hoodie, socks, and an accessory kit containing a beanie hat, wristbands, a bandana, and an actual oversized Team Skull necklace.

There's also a high-quality messenger bag, complete with a large Team Skull logo on the outer flap. It's perfect for a laptop, especially if you're planning on hacking into the Aether Foundation or causing a ruckus online.

With the exception of the accessory kit, each clothing item is sold seperately, which means cosplaying could cost a bit of cash. In total, the full Team Skull Outfit costs about $150. However, while some of the clothes are pricy (the hoodie costs $69.95,) every item is top quality and seems pretty durable.

The short-sleeved hoodie reminded me a bit of a hockey jersey, with a thick fabric and a large Team Skull patch on the back.

Our favorite piece of Team Skull gear is definitely the accessory kit, which comes with a letter from Team Skull welcoming you to the gang. The necklace is a ton of fun to wear (it comes with an adjustable magnetic fastener so it'll fit grunts of any size) and the accessories are perfect for anyone looking to cosplay as a Team Skull member at a convention. There's also a few stickers inside the accessory kit so you can tag your room or gear with the Team Skull logo.


Honestly, this is one of the more innovative sets of Pokemon merchandise we've seen in a while and should be a hot seller. Team Skull wasn't quite as evil as other villainous Pokemon teams, so you shouldn't feel too worried about wearing this gear out in public. Just....don't wear the bandana into any stores.

You can check out the full line of Team Skull merchandise on the Pokemon Center website. This is an "exclusive" set of gear, so you won't be able to find it anywhere except for the Pokemon Center store.