Pokemon TCG Announces New Mobile and Desktop App

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will finally launch its own mobile app, which will include the ability to play against opponents online. The Pokemon Company just announced Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, an upcoming mobile app that will allow players to enjoy the Pokemon Trading Card Game in an updated digital format. This will be a free-to-play app that will allow players to build decks and battle online in multiple formats, including Ranked play and Casual play. Players can add cards to their collection by redeeming codes found in physical Pokemon card booster packs. Digital booster packs can also be unlocked by earning XP, completing quests, and through other means. You can watch a video showcasing some of the new app's features below:

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will come with a Battle Pass that includes various rewards, such as in-game cosmetics and booster packs. Players can also earn coins that can be spent on emotes and cosmetics, can exchange extra cards for credits, and can earn Crystals to purchase promo cards, special bundles, and a "Premium Pass." 

Notably, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will replace the current Pokemon Trading Card Game Online system, and players can transfer their existing collections over during their first log in, provided they have the same Trainer Club account.

Pokemon fans have long wanted a Pokemon Trading Card Game mobile app and this move can be seen as a parallel to Magic Arena, the digital Magic: The Gathering app that has become one of the main ways of playing Magic: The Gathering. Additionally, the new mobile app should encourage more players to learn how to actually play the game, as the app comes with eight pre-made decks and a tutorial system to help players get started.

At launch, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will include only the "Standard" format that includes the eight most recently released sets. The Expanded format will be included in a future update and will include cards from the Sun & Moon era, X & Y era, and the Black & White era of card sets. One notable feature missing from the game is the ability to trade cards with other players.


No release date has been announced for Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, but it will be preceded by a Canadian soft launch on iOS and Android devices, as well as a global open beta for PC and Mac computers.