Pokemon's Van Gogh Merchandise Back in Stock

Pokemon has placed several Van Gogh items back in stock.

The Pokemon Company has announced that several items from the Pokemon/Van Gogh Museum merchandise line is back in stock. Today, The Pokemon Company quietly put several items from its Pokemon/Van Gogh Museum merchandise line back in stock, including the Pikachu with a Grey Felt Hat plushie and canvas hangings of several pieces of artwork inspired by the work of Van Gogh. The items are currently available on The Pokemon Center, but are selling out fast. You can check out the full merchandise line here. 

The Pokemon Center originally announced the merchandise line last year as part of a planned art exhibit with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam along with a promo card available for free with purchase of merchandise. The promotion was immediately beset by scalpers, both in person and online, leading to sell-outs in minutes. Many scalpers took advantage of an early glitch on the Pokemon Center website to set up bot programs that automatically purchased Van Gogh products, preventing legitimate buyers from purchasing any product. Even those who managed to get an order through the Pokemon Center had their orders cancelled after the fact, leading to even more ill will. After the debacle, The Pokemon Company apologized for the quick sellout and issues with the online store. Additionally, the Van Gogh Museum faced its own issues, with several employees disciplined after it was discovered they were working with scalpers to ensure they got product. 

No word on whether The Pokemon Company will continue to make the merchandise line available or whether this was a one-time restock. Either way, it's recommended that you jump on this chance now if you want the sought after merchandise, as there's no guarantee that the stock will last for much longer.