Predator: Hunting Grounds DLC Brings Back Classic Dutch

Predator: Hunting Grounds' next DLC is bringing back the classic version of Dutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from the original Predator movie. This new paid DLC is called the "Dutch '87 DLC Pack" to commemorate the character's role, and it's scheduled to be released on all platforms starting on September 1st. It comes with the skin for the classic Dutch which itself is accompanied by voice lines from Schwarzenegger similar to how he provided voice lines for the Dutch 2025 DLC released previously.

Along with the classic skin itself which is the biggest draw of the DLC for long-time Predator fans, you'll also get early access to the character's Mercenary weapon that comes equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher. A total of eight different tint customizations come with the DLC as well.

Having the original Dutch in the game is one of the most commonly voiced requests from the community regarding DLC. The Dutch 2025 DLC brought him back first and showed the state of the character in the year the game takes place before reintroducing this classic version. spoke to IllFonic's lead designer Jordan Mathewson to learn more about the studio's approach to the DLC and how they balanced the old with the new.

"Part of it is just being the fact that we're just trying to establish this as the game that's existing in the future, and to bring him back into the fray is important," Mathewson said when asked why the Dutch 2025 DLC came before the Dutch '87. "It's pretty ambiguous what did happen to him. It's important that we establish his backstory and bring him in as the character he is now and then looking forward to the Dutch '87 as looking back as a really nostalgic hit to what the original Arnold character was like in the original film. So we're bringing him back in later on just because we wanted to make sure we establish him as a character in the universe first, make sure people know how he got there, and then do a fun throwback for the fans to show that you can play as the original Dutch and run around with his classic weapon."

This also marks the second time Schwarzenegger has contributed to Predator: Hunting Grounds by lending his voice. Mathewson said Schwarzenegger was excited to return to the role and that his involvement showcases the team's commitment to the authenticity of the content.

"We were able to convey our passion and show how important this was to us," Mathewson said. "He accepted, and we were able to bring him into the role. He was obviously very excited about it, being able to reprise Dutch which seems to be one of his favorite roles. It was just extremely exciting to be able to work with him and 20th Century and align all those stars to bring him back into the fray."


Predator: Hunting Grounds' Dutch '87 DLC will release on all platforms on September 1st.