'Prey' Players Are Not Digging the Latest Multiplayer Update

The team over at Arkane Studios just release their latest free update for Prey, allowing players [...]

The team over at Arkane Studios just release their latest free update for Prey, allowing players to go up against other fans of the sci-fi franchise in Typhon Hunter. Though great in theory, many are unimpressed with how the actual mode works and how lackluster it feels.

For those unfamiliar with the latest update, Typhon Hunter tasks one player to take on the role of Morgan Yu once more and pits them against five other players playing Mimics. Like many MP features similar to this, the event is round-based and becomes increasingly difficult as time goes on. The fact that Mimics can assume the look of anything around them, this should have been the perfect addition to the game - though many feel differently.

Others have taken to the Steam page to unleash their own thoughts. Most didn't like the fact that a Bethesda account was necessary, but the rest seemed to echo the original lackluster thoughts. Here's a round up of complaints as seen on Steam:

  • Bugs, huge lag issues
  • Messy UI
  • No important graphic options
  • No option to turn off motion blur
  • No way to mute voice chat
  • "Lack of effort"
  • Broken mechanics, especially in combat

One user added, "You could obviously argue this was a free expansion, and that Arkane owed us nothing. My counter argument would be that, while it was released later, Typhon Hunter was marketed to us as a selling point of Mooncrash. It's not like you got this for owning Prey, this was marketed as a part of Mooncrash; a thing you paid extra for on top of what you paid for the base game. In some way, part of what we paid for Mooncrash was paying for this gamemode. As a result of that, I personally expected a bit more. Maybe I was wrong to, but I didn't get that expectation from nowhere is what I'm trying to say."

That being said, it is important to remember that Prey is very much a single-player game, though multiplayer has been added - that will never be the focus for this fantasy adventure.

For those interested in trying it out for themselves, Typhon Hunter is available now for Mooncrash DLC owners. As mentioned previously, the Typhon Hunter is a free update so if you try it and don't like it - no harm, no foul.