New PS4 Game Leaked Ahead of Reveal This Week

A new PS4 game has leaked ahead of its official reveal, courtesy of the PlayStation Store. More [...]

A new PS4 game has leaked ahead of its official reveal, courtesy of the PlayStation Store. More specifically, the leak comes courtesy of Gamestat, a bot and games tracker that tracks everything single thing added to the PlayStation Store, which picked up that developer Inti Creates' Dragon Mark for Death has been added to the PlayStation Store backend. Why is this noteworthy? Because the game hasn't been announced for PS4 yet.

At the moment of publishing, Inti Creates has not commented on the leak, but this does seem to suggest that the PS4 version of the game was going to be announced at Inti Creates Live on July 7. Further, if the game is already being added to the PlayStation Store, there's a good chance it's releasing on there sooner rather than later.

For those that don't know: Dragon Marked for Death debuted last year via the Nintendo Switch, and has since come to the PC as well. Upon release, the game garnered a rather middling 69 on Metacritic, but over on Steam, 81 percent of over 400 users have reviewed the game positively, giving it a "very positive" Steam User Review rating.

"Dragon Marked For Death is a side-scrolling 2D action RPG that can played solo or with up to four players in online multiplayer," reads an official pitch of the game. "You play as the survivors of the Dragonblood Clan who set out to take revenge on the Kingdom of Medius, who destroyed their home and captured the Dragonblood Oracle, Amica. To obtain the power they need to enact their revenge, they forge a pact with the Astral Dragon Atruum. Use your newly acquired powers to take on quests from villagers and raise your status in the kingdom. How you perform in these quests can have a direct effect on the game's final outcome."

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