PlayStation Giving PS4 Players Freebie for Limited Time

PlayStation is giving PS4 players a freebie this week in celebration of 10 years of PlayStation [...]

PlayStation is giving PS4 players a freebie this week in celebration of 10 years of PlayStation Plus. Yesterday, Sony revealed July's free PlayStation Plus games. And for the summer month, PS4 players subscribed to PlayStation Plus can look forward to not two new free games, but three. However, that's not all they can look forward to. Alongside the announcement of the new free games, Sony also revealed that to celebrate the aforementioned anniversary, it will be releasing a free PS4 theme sometime later this week.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn't divulge any further specifics other than noting it will release sometime this week via the PlayStation Store. It also notes it will be a limited time offer, though it doesn't say how limited it will be. Further, it's unclear if it will be locked behind a subscription to PlayStation Plus, but the verbiage used by Sony suggests it will be for all PS4 users regardless if they are subscribed the premium service or not.

Sony also hasn't revealed what the theme looks like yet. It will presumably boast a PlayStation Plus-inspired design, but for now, we don't know this for sure. Thankfully, we don't have to wait in the dark for much longer.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned free PlayStation Plus games will be made available to download in the coming days. At the moment of publishing, Star Wars Battlefront II is still available to download for free, but this will change come July 7. As long as you maintain the same PlayStation Plus account you download the game with, it's yours to keep and play forever. And thanks to the game's single-player component, it will be playable long after the game's servers go offline.

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