2020 PS4 Exclusive Is Reportedly Following Horizon Zero Dawn to PC

Today, a report surfaced claiming that PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, was coming to PC sometime this year. Not long after this report surfaced, another credible one followed claiming that another PlayStation game will be following the 2017 open-world title. More specifically, it looks like Dreams, which is set to release next month, won't stay a PS4 exclusive for very long, because Eurogamer's Tom Phillips suggests that's also coming to PC. Now, Phillips doesn't outright say the Media Molecule game that released into early access last year is coming to personal computers, but he suggests it as much as he can without confirming it.

"Horizon on PC is a start, but Microsoft is still a long way ahead of PlayStation making a serious move to a platform agnostic future," writes Phillips on Twitter. "Argue your games are worth more than slapping in a sub, sure, but the future is everyone being able to access great games wherever they play. Horizon will be followed by others down the road - you don't need to Dream too hard to guess. But Xbox is already well-established launching games on PC at the same time, and eager to explore Switch..."

As you can see, Phillips even suggests there will be more PlayStation exclusives than just Dreams making their way to PC. Further, he also teases that Xbox may explore bringing its games to Nintendo Switch more.

Interestingly, following his piece about Horizon Zero Dawn, Jason Schreier notes that he believes more PlayStation exclusives will be following Dreams as well:


Right now, it's all a bit hazy, but between Death Stranding, MLB: The Show, and now Horizon Zero Dawn, one thing is clear: Sony is much more open to bringing its PlayStation exclusives to PC than in the past. As for Dreams, specifically, it makes sense to bring that game to PC given what it is. Further, it may be what the experimental title needs to have any hope of being relevant a few years down the road, because right now, there's not much buzz about it within the PlayStation community.