More PS4 Games Not Backwards Compatible With PS5 Reportedly Discovered

Prospective PlayStation 5 owners were already aware of a couple of PlayStation 4 games that wouldn’t work on the new console via backwards compatibility, but it looks like there might be a few more that won’t work in addition to the ones Sony mentioned previously. Some hands-on time with the PlayStation 5 following its wide release has led some users to the discovery that a couple of additional games are currently listed as “Playable on: PS4 only” within the PlayStation Store with similar messages displayed when trying to start the games on the new consoles.

This Gen Gaming shared news this week of what it said were six more PlayStation 4 games that weren’t compatible on the PlayStation 5. One of the games called PixelBOT EXTREME! apparently had its backwards compatibility issues resolved in a short time, so there are technically only five more games found that say they aren’t compatible.

Those games can be found below for those who might have them in their libraries and want to see for themselves.

Five More PS4 Games Supposedly Not Compatible with PS5

  • Pool Nation
  • Tower of Time
  • The Gardens Between
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
  • Golem

The report from This Gen Gaming said the titles above presented the user with a message saying they’d only work on the PlayStation 4 whenever a launch of the games was attempted. While we haven’t been able to verify that message appears on the PlayStation 5 when trying to play them, a look at the PlayStation Store listings for each of the games shows the disclaimer towards the bottom that says they’re only playable on the PlayStation 4. PixelBOT EXTREME!, the game that supposedly got its issues resolved, does not carry the same message.

It’s unclear at this time why these particular games aren’t compatible with the new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles, why they weren’t included in the initial list of incompatible games, or if the situation will be resolved. If one of the games was previously incompatible and is now playable on the PlayStation 5, there’s hope for the others listed above to follow suit if you’re still big on playing those.

A similar headscratcher happened in late October when Ubisoft announced that a couple of its games wouldn’t be compatible on the PlayStation 5 and then backtracked not long afterwards. Until Sony confirms something about these games listed above, we only know of 10 games that are for sure only playable on the PlayStation 4.