Is PS4's Highest-Rated Exclusive About to Come to Xbox Consoles?

Is the highest-rated PS4 exclusive about to come to Xbox consoles? While some PS4 exclusives are starting to partially shed their exclusivity by coming to PC, none of these games have shed their console exclusivity by coming to Xbox or Nintendo consoles. And this isn't going to change for first-party exclusives, but third-party exclusives are a different story. To date, the highest-rated PS4 exclusive, right above God of War, is a third-party exclusive, and that game is Persona 5 Royal, which boasts a 95 on Metacritic.

Earlier this morning, articles began to populate across the Internet claiming that Persona 5 Royal had been rated for Xbox consoles in Korea. If this was the case, it would confirm the rumors we've been hearing for months. However, this isn't the case. This did happen, but the rating has been confirmed as a mistake.

Of course, this doesn't rule out the port, but it does suggest it's not coming anytime soon. If it was releasing soon, it probably would have leaked via a rating board already. However, not every game and port leaks early via rating boards, so who knows.

Since the initial rumors, none of the implicated parties have commented. We don't expect this to change now, but if for some reason it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.


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