PS5 May Revive Controversial PS2 Series

PlayStation may revive a forgotten PS2 series on the PS5. Sony looks set to continue many PS4 [...]

PlayStation may revive a forgotten PS2 series on the PS5. Sony looks set to continue many PS4 series on the PS5, including Spider-Man, Horizon, and the newly rebooted God of War. However, many PlayStation gamers are keen on seeing Sony explore its more legacy consoles, the PS1 and PS2. Right now, Sony is sitting on a wealth of dormant IP that many gamers would like to see resurrected. That said, it looks like one of these IP may actually be brought back.

Over on his official YouTube channel, former Sony London developer Mike Rouse revealed that, as of last year, he heard that Sony has something in the works related to The Getaway. What this is, Rouse doesn't know, but he does claim he's heard from his contacts at the company that something is brewing, or at least it was as of last year.

For those that don't know: The Getaway is 2002 PS2 action-adventure game developed by Team Soho and published by Sony. In fact, the game -- which is inspired by British gangland films -- was supposed to be a PS2 launch game, but it had to be delayed due to development issues.

At the time of its release, the game wasn't particularly received all that well, garnering a 72 on Metacritic. However, it did sell a very respectable 4 million copies, which made it a commercial success. In the modern-day, it's often referred to as one for the most underrated and underappreciated PS2 games, though of course not everybody agrees with this.

At the time, the game was a bit controversial as well. In fact, Australia barred it from release. Meanwhile, post-release the game actually had to remove content after British Telecommunications took umbrage with its logo being used in the violent game.

In 2004, a sequel followed on PS2 dubbed The Getaway: Black Monday. It also sold well, pushing over two million units. However, critically the game flopped, landing at a 57 on Metacritic.

All of that said, it looks like maybe the series is coming back in some shape or form. This could be as a remaster or a remake or as a new game. And of course, it's also possible it's not coming back at all. In other words, while the source seemingly checks out, take everything here with a grain of salt for now.

The PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season at an unknown price point. While officially we don't know when the console will drop or how much it will cost, a possible release date and price point did recently "leak."

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