Sony Warns PlayStation Gamers of PS5 Release Issue

Sony has warned PlayStation gamers of a pre-release and launch issue the PS5 will experience. The [...]

Sony has warned PlayStation gamers of a pre-release and launch issue the PS5 will experience. The warning comes alongside the announcement that Sony is now taking registration for PS5 pre-orders. According to Sony, it will personally have a very limited supply of PS5 consoles available for pre-order. And if it personally has a limited cache, that means other retailers aren't going to manage much better. In other words, it's starting to look like PS5 will have an availability issue at launch, or at the very least, during the pre-release period, assuming Sony is correct about its sales forecasts for the console.

Of course, this is a pretty common issue. When the PS4 launched in 2013 it was quite difficult to find even a few months after release. Trying to pre-order one was even harder. Meanwhile, the most recent major console release, the Nintendo Switch, was extremely hard to find for almost a year. In other words, while it looks like availability will be a problem for the PS5, it's not an uncommon problem. In fact, Xbox Series X may very well run into a similar problem, though maybe not now that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't announced just how limited the PS5 will be pre-release and at launch, and this is probably because it's not 100 percent sure what demand will be. Further, availability is mostly determinant on not a fancy launch line up or crazy new console features, but a price point, which Sony hasn't revealed yet. If the PS5 is as expensive as some rumors and reports have suggested, then it's possible limited quantities won't matter that much because people won't be lining up to pre-order and buy at launch.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide sometime this holiday season. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date or a price point for the console.

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