PS5 Interface Possibly Hinted at by Sony Patent

A patent from Sony has recently surfaced to possibly show what’s planned for the PlayStation [...]

A patent from Sony has recently surfaced to possibly show what's planned for the PlayStation 5's user interface. The patent in question talks about a "Personalized User Interface Based on In-Application Behavior" and was filed back in 2017 before being made public just this week. It talks about accessing games from an account, analyzing users' behavior in games, and providing hints for players based on their gameplay experiences. Some images shared within the patent show what appears to be a refined main menu similar to the one seen on the PlayStation 4 but with some parts moved around and extra features accompanying it.

As spotted by The GamePost, the interface shared online through the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows a number of interesting features that may find their way onto the PlayStation 5. The patent is filled with the typically dense patent lingo used to describe the products and ideas being protected, but the images themselves make things a bit clearer.

Take the image below for example that shows what looks to be a main menu for a PlayStation device. It's using a tile system to show the user what all options they have when interacting with different games or other mediums, but there are some extras to be noticed that aren't currently included in the PlayStation 4 menu.

One of the most notable changes is that there are separate tiles for categories like Games, Music, Photos, and others. Selecting the Games category appears to bring users to a lower grid of tiles where multiple games are shown side-by-side. Highlighting one of those games will give players the option to resume playing it and will also show the current game state, hints for the game, and a video from the user's last gameplay session.

PS5 Interface Patent
(Photo: United States Patent and Trademark Office)

We've seen talks of other features possibly related to the PlayStation 5 in the past that could offer similar tips and other bits of helpful information when playing games. It's been theorized that the next PlayStation could have some sort of chatbot to help with these sorts of things, though like the patent referenced above, it hasn't been determined whether these things will actually be part of the PlayStation 5 or not. Patents aren't indicative of what's to come but are still worth looking through to see what could be.

Sony has a PlayStation 5 event scheduled to take place on Thursday, so perhaps we'll see more of the next console's interface if Sony is feeling generous.