PS5 May Have a Chatbot

The PlayStation 5 may have a chatbot similar to Microsoft's Cortana. Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a new patent, and in this new patent is a technology that sounds a lot like a chatbot that processes voice commands. And when you couple this with the PlayStation Assistant patent that Sony filed last year, it seems to suggest the PS5 will have some type of AI assistant built inside it.

What's most interesting about this patent is that it relays word that this chatbot would be able to essentially predict what a player's query is going to be. It's unclear how it would do this, but the patent references an external trigger, such as time or an event.

"A chatbot learns a person’s related intents when asking for information and thereafter, in response to an initial query, which the chatbot answers, the chatbot generates a secondary dialogue, either providing the person with additional information or inquiring as to whether the person wishes to know more about a subject," reads the patent. "The chatbot may use an external trigger such as time, event, etc. and automatically" generate a query or give information to the person without any initial query from the person.

The patent also seems to suggest the PlayStation Assistant won't just be a voice, but an avatar that is capable of advanced lip-syncing.

patent 1
(Photo: USPTO)
patent 2
(Photo: USPTO)

Of course, like with every patent, much of the wording and implications here are vague and potentially misleading. Further, a company like Sony files a boatload of patents each year, many of which never graduate from concept to product. That said, it's increasingly obvious Sony is exploring adding some type of AI assistant to the PS5.


The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release sometime this holiday season. At the moment of publishing, it's unknown how much it will cost, what games will release alongside it, or what day exactly it will drop. That said, you can continue to read more about the console, courtesy of the relevant links below:

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