New PS5 DualSense Controller Feature Could Save Some PlayStation Gamers a Lot of Money

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment finally revealed the PS5 controller, dubbed the "DualSense." In addition to revealing the look and design of the new PlayStation controller, Sony also revealed new features and details, giving us a better understanding of the controller and how it's different than the PS4's DualShock 4. While the DualSense boasts a new look and a new two-color design, it's actually not a drastic departure from the PS4 controller. According to Sony, it keeps what PlayStation gamers loved about the DualShock 4 intact. On top of this, it also boasts new features that make it a notable improvement on the PS4 controller, including one feature that should save some PlayStation gamers money.

Sony notes that the DualSense adds a built-in microphone array, which will allow players to easily chat with friends without a headset. According to Sony, this is ideal for jumping into a quick conversation, however, if you're planning on playing for prolonged periods of time, a headset will be more ideal for obvious reasons. That said, the mic does have filtering and voice recognition technology. In other words, it will recognize your voice while blocking out background noises.

On the PS4, this option doesn't exist. You have to use a mic to communicate with friends and other players. Every PS4 came with a headset, but not only was it terrible, it broke easily, and was also even easier to misplace. Not many PS4 gamers still have this headset, which in turn means they've had to fork over additional money for a gaming headset. On PS5, there will be no need to do this unless you want a superior audio experience.

Of course, many PlayStation gamers will opt to cop a headset, but for those who are strapped for cash, this will be a great, money-saving feature. Premium gaming headsets are quite expensive, especially in the context of buying one only to communicate with friends.

PlayStation Controller 5
(Photo: SIE)

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