New PS5 Patent Sheds Light on the DualShock 5's Capabilities

PlayStation 5 patents have been surfacing like mad lately, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that yet another one pertaining to the DualShock 5 has reared its head and started to make the rounds. However, unlike some previous patents, this new one doesn't divulge anything new or particularly salient, but it does go into detail about the controller's adaptive triggers, which is a new feature it's adding that the PS4 controller does not have. More specifically, according to the patent, the adaptive triggers on the DualShock 5 will allow for new gameplay experiences and mechanics.

The patent in question, filed recently and by Sony Japan Studio, specifically makes note of new climbing mechanics. More or less it notes that each trigger can represent a character's hand. With this, players can tilt the gamepad towards whatever climbing point they want to grab, and use the triggers to independently grab with the character's left or right hand. Meanwhile, if you pull too lightly, your character's grip will be lighter, and as a result they could lose grip and fall. However, if you pull too hard you may damage or break what you're trying to grab at. And of course, to let players know whether they are grabbing too light or too hard, the controller can vibrate or the game can give visual cues.

Meanwhile, the other new mechanic the patent mentions is a cutting mechanic. So, say players are holding a chainsaw, the controller's vibration and audio will reflect that the saw is not cutting anything. However, once cutting objects you'll feel not only the material of what you're cutting via the Haptic feedback, but through the triggers. For example, if you're cutting through some thick and harder, you'll get more resistance in the triggers. Meanwhile, if you're cutting through butter you won't feel a thing.

Basically, you'll be getting increased feedback, which should go a long way for certain games like racing titles or even something like Star Wars, where you're cutting through everything via a lightsaber. Of course, none of this is game-changing, but it gives you an idea on how some of the DualShock 5's more minor features can change the moment-to-moment gameplay experience.


The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the PS5, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the console by clicking right here.

H/T, GoFreak.