PlayStation 5 Players Discover Hidden DualSense Controller Feature

The PlayStation 5 has been out since November of last year, but PlayStation players are still [...]

The PlayStation 5 has been out since November of last year, but PlayStation players are still discovering features that many have overlooked. Specifically, there is a handy and easy way to just turn off the DualSense controller entirely. With the Xbox Series X, Xbox gamers haven't had any adjustment period, and this is because the Xbox Series X UI is largely the same as the Xbox One UI and because the Xbox Series X controller is basically the same thing as the Xbox One controller. For the PS5, Sony not only completely reworked the UI from the PS4, but it released a brand-new controller that's so different it broke the company's DualShock naming convention.

More specifically, if you hold the PS button on the DualSense controller for 10 seconds, it will turn off the controller. This isn't the only DualSense feature many players have overlooked. Did you know that you can mute all audio if you hold down the controller's mute button for a couple of seconds? If you didn't, don't worry, many over on the PS5 Reddit page had no clue either of these features existed, and that's because the PS5 doesn't relay any of this information.

Of course, it's quite possible you already knew both of these handy features existed, but given that the Reddit post revealing them shot to the top of the page, it's safe to assume most of you reading this didn't know about either of these shortcuts, just like everyone one of the 400 people that commented on the post.

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