New PS5 In-Store Restock Released by PlayStation

Sony, via Target and Meijer, has released new PS5 stock, but unlike many recent restocks, this stock is limited to in-store only. Today, Target surprised PlayStation customers with not just a restock of the standard PS5, but the digital version of the console. However, both consoles are limited to store pick up only, which means if your local Target doesn't have any stock, you're out of luck. Meanwhile, Meijer announced it's taking things to the next level and will release new stock that's only available to purchase in the store itself.

At the moment of publishing, it looks like the Target restock has been depleted, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Meanwhile, Meijer's restock actually hasn't released yet. The retailer's official Twitter account announced this morning its new batch of consoles "is coming soon in stores only." As the retailer notes, Meijer customers will be able to know if their store has stock, courtesy of the sign below, which will be put up in stores with available stock.

Right now, there's no word of when this stock will release, but it will presumably release sometime this week. It's unclear if the Meijer Twitter account will alert customers to when the restock goes live, but if it provides any more information, we will update the article accordingly.


At the moment of publishing, no other major retailer has announced new PS5 stock this week, but GameStop, Best Buy, and others have been quiet for a little bit now, so this should change very soon. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things PS5 -- including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, reviews, previews, interviews, guides, deals, and more -- click here or check out the relevant links below: