PS5 Restock Cut Short in Japan After Retail Chaos

A recent PS5 restock was effectively canceled after some madness at a Japanese retailer. Last year, fights broke out over the new PS5, and in some cases, people were even arrested after brawls over the elusive PlayStation console. For the most part, bedlam like this has been primarily in the United States, but the most recent bit of news was at a Japanese retailer that had to stop its PS5 restock after customers got out of hand.

According to a report out of the home nation of PlayStation, one of Japan's largest Yodobashi Camera stores recently restocked the PS5, which naturally drew a massive crowd of PlayStation fans looking to get their hands on the machine. And from here, the chaos began, with customers pushing and shoving not just each other but staff members. As the situation escalated, the local authorities were called, and not long after this, the restock was cut short. It's unclear if anyone got a PS5 that day, but according to Creatures Inc's Dave Gibson, it was an "insanity" he's never seen before in Japan.

Below, you can check out a video taken from the perspective of the crowd, courtesy of Gibson's personal Twitter account:

For now, take, everything here with a grain of salt given that all of this information comes not the way of the retailer, but from personal accounts and reports. That said, as you can see for yourself in the video above, the crowd was far from orderly.

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[H/T Kotaku]