Here's Why the PS5 Reveal Event Is Reportedly Taking So Long

The long-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal event is reportedly poised to go down on June 3. Sony hasn't [...]

The long-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal event is reportedly poised to go down on June 3. Sony hasn't confirmed this, but the date is being thrown around by a few reliable sources. That said, apparently, this wasn't always the date. According to Alanah Pearce, the PlayStation 5 reveal event was already supposed to have happened, but Sony has had to push off the presentation multiple times because it wasn't going to settle for a lesser product.

According to the former IGN journalist, Sony didn't want to sacrifice being professional just to get the event out the door, something Microsoft recently did with the Xbox Series X during the latest episode of Inside Xbox. As a result, it's had to push the big reveal back on numerous occasions.

"They [Sony] have tried to do presentations already this year, and I know this from developers who were supposed to be part of these presentations, but didn't because for some reason somewhere in the Sony hierarchy they were very obsessed with the idea of having a very professional stream rather than something previously recorded," said Pearce while speaking to Kinda Funny Games. "So they [Sony] weren't willing to do anything outside of a massive studio with a crew of 25 to 30 people, which for those developers planning to have their games revealed at these certain streams was very frustrating, because they were like 'I don't understand why we just can't send in the footage'."

Pearce continued:

"PlayStation just wasn't having the at-home quality stuff -- they were refusing to do it. So I feel like this is actually going to be huge."

Unfortunately, this is where the juicy, inside details end. And of course, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. While Pearce is considered a reliable source by many, nothing here is official, and everything is subject to change, especially during a pandemic.

The PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season. You can continue to read more about the next-gen console via the relevant links below: