PlayStation 5 Event Reportedly Happening Soon

A new look at Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 5 and games releasing for the next-gen console may be shared as early as next week, new reports have claimed. June 3rd seems to be the day we should expect something of that nature based on reports from those who cite sources familiar with the matter as well as others who hinted at as much. Should this event happen next week, it’ll be the first focused on the PlayStation 5 that we’ve gotten in a while, but it’s also been stressed that the date isn’t confirmed and things could still change.

Bloomberg reported on the possibility of an upcoming PlayStation 5 event and said such a thing could happen as early as next week. June 3rd was mentioned in the report as a potential date for what’ll be a virtual event, though according to sources familiar with the matter, “plans have been in flux” and the date might change before the event happens. Whatever happens early next week, it was said that there’d be more events in the coming weeks and months and that Sony isn’t expected to reveal all the details of the PlayStation 5 during the next presentation. The next PlayStation 5 event is reportedly going to showcase games, so we may still be left without details on things like price and an exact release date.

Outside of the Bloomberg report, there’s been chatter elsewhere on Twitter about a PlayStation event taking place on June 3rd. VentureBeat’s Jeff Grub said a PlayStation event would be happening “soon” after updating his list of events taking place throughout the summer. That list of events was updated again not long afterwards to list June 3rd as the date for the next PlayStation event.

If next week’s supposed event is indeed set to showcase PlayStation 5 games, there are several games that could make appearances there seeing how many titles have already been confirmed for or are rumored for the next-gen PlayStation. As was the case with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event, we could also see some surprises there if new games are announced or at least confirmed. Despite being more forthcoming with its overall plans, Microsoft’s Xbox event didn’t have quite as much gameplay as players had hoped for, so perhaps the PlayStation event will look to rectify that with more natural gameplay as part of the presentation.

Look for an official announcement from Sony ahead of next week’s event whether that’s planned for June 3rd or sometime afterwards.

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