PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Reportedly Coming Very Soon

The big PlayStation 5 reveal event may be happening very soon. According to a brand new report from a reputable industry insider, the PS5 reveal event is currently scheduled to happen in a few weeks. The report comes way of Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier. Unfortunately, Schreier -- considered a trusted source by many -- doesn't divulge any further details, but if the report is correct, it means the event will likely go down towards the end of May or early June at the latest.

The scoop comes way of Schreier's official Twitter account. Interacting with an inquiring Twitter user wondering when the PS5 reveal event will happen, the journalist replied with "few more weeks I believe." For what it's worth, this loosely lines up with another new and recent report about the PS5 reveal event, which claimed it's currently slated to happen on June 4.

Of course, like all unofficial information, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if this new information is correct, it's pretty vague, and also subject to change. While Schreier has proven to be very reliable in the past, until you hear something from Sony itself, there's nothing worth taking to the bank or the bookies.

That said, it's hard to imagine this information is incorrect. Removing the context of it being from Jason Schreier, it's safe to wager that the PS5 will be revealed within the next month or so. Not only does Sony need to beat leakers to the punch, but the PS5 should be entering mass production any day now, if it hasn't already. Once this happens, it's only a matter of time before pictures and more details about the console leak.

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