PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Reportedly Revealed

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release sometime this holiday season. Despite this, we still don't have any salient details about the console. For example, we don't have a release day. We also don't have a price point. And we don't know the big games that will be launching alongside it. However, it looks like this is going to change in June. More specifically, it looks like this -- or at least some of this -- will change on June 4, which is a Thursday.

The report comes way of Games Beat writer Jeffrey Grub, who has proven to be a reliable source in the past. For example, Grub leaked the dates for a few 2020 Nintendo Directs before they were officially announced by Nintendo. Unfortunately, Grub doesn't divulge any further salient details.

What's pertinent is Grub's language. The Games Beat writer says "currently planned" while speaking about the date, which suggests it could change. At the moment, uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic clouds the future. It's already delayed or cancelled plenty of events, and it's also delayed many games.

Further, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing here official, but it's subject to change. And as outlined above, everything seems to be changing everyday, so who knows if this date will remain locked in. That said, unless Sony plans on pushing the console's release date, it's going to have to reveal the console sooner rather than later. Not only does the marketing cycle need to commence, but the console is going to start to leak, whether via developer or as it hits mass production.

The PlayStation 5 is currently poised to drop sometime this holiday season. As always, feel free to drop your thoughts and hot takes in the comment section or, alternatively, in my Twitter notifications @Tyler_Fischer_. What games do you want to see at the PS5 reveal? Meanwhile, below you can continue to read about the console via the links below:

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