Sony Warns PlayStation Fans About PS5 Launch Issue Ahead of Release

Sony has warned PlayStation fans about a PS5 launch issue ahead of the release of the next-gen [...]

Sony has warned PlayStation fans about a PS5 launch issue ahead of the release of the next-gen console. Just like the PS4 was in 2013, the PS5 is one of the most in-demand products in the world right now. It's virtually impossible to get your hands on a pre-order for the console unless you're willing to pay a premium over on eBay. And unfortunately, it sounds like it's going to be equally difficult to get a console at launch in a couple of weeks.

This week, Sony revealed that the PS5 has sold more units -- via pre-orders -- in 12 hours than the PS4 did in its first 12 weeks. As noted, the PS4 was a very hard console to pre-order and it was very difficult to find at launch, which suggests the PS5 may be nearly impossible to find at launch.

Speaking to this, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is already getting out ahead of things and noting that it's unlikely that everyone that wants a PS5 at launch will be able to get one. However, while getting your hands on the console at release will prove challenging, Ryan says Sony is working hard to ensure there's enough supply to meet demand come the end-of-the-year shopping season.

For now, it remains to be seen how scarce the PS5 will be at launch, but if Sony is getting out ahead of release and slyly warning about supply issues that's almost certainly a sign that it knows it will come nowhere close to meeting demand at launch. For a console launch, this isn't uncommon, but be prepared: buying one in stores on day one will likely be as hard, if not harder, as pre-ordering.

The PS5 is set to release on November 12. Upon release, it will cost $400 or $500, however, it sounds like it will be hard to find a console on day one unless you're picking up your pre-order.

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