PS5 Restock Update Is Great News for PlayStation Fans

The PS5 was released more than six months ago, yet it's still very challenging to buy. Each week, [...]

The PS5 was released more than six months ago, yet it's still very challenging to buy. Each week, a couple of new PS5 restocks release, usually with very limited stock, and the supply is depleted within minutes, sometimes less. It doesn't matter if it's Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Costco, or any other major retailer; since pre-orders went live last September, buying the PS5 has been a nightmare for many PlayStation fans.

In 2020, around the launch of the console, this was expected. However, many expected the situation to improve in 2021. It hasn't. In fact, the situation has worsened. Not only is demand still through the roof and steady, but supply has seemingly become more scarce, with many retailers running completely dry with the holiday season.

According to various reports, 2022 won't be much better, and 2023 may also be a struggle. Why? Because there's a component shortage that's not going to be solved anytime soon. That said, there's some hope.

During a recent meeting with shareholders, Kenichiro Yoshida -- the President and CEO of Sony -- revealed that there will be an acceleration of PS5 in the next fiscal year in order to hit a sales goal 0f 22.6 million units, an ambitious sales goal that, if achieved, would result in records for PlayStation. How it will do this, remains to be seen, but clearly, Sony knows something about supply that we don't.

That said, it remains to be seen if this will be enough supply to satiate demand. What also remains to be seen is when stores will start selling the console in person, free from scalpers and bots.

The PS5 is available for $400 and $500, depending on the mode. For more coverage on the console and all things PlayStation -- including all of the latest news and deals -- click here or check out the relevant links listed right below:

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