New PS5 Update Released With One Very Specific Fix

A new system update for the PlayStation 5 has today been released by Sony. At the start of March, Sony let loose its biggest update in quite some time for the PS5 that finally brought Discord integration to the console. Since that time, some smaller firmware patches have continued to roll out to fix various annoyances that have started to pop up. Now, another update of this ilk has come about that rectifies an issue with one specific aspect of the PS5. 

Made available this morning, firmware version 23.01-07.01.01 for PS5 consoles has now become downloadable. Rather than adding any new features that PS5 users will want to give a spin, Sony says that this patch merely solves a bug that has been troublesome when it comes to the Game Library on the system. "An issue in Game Library where content was displayed incorrectly under certain conditions was resolved," Sony explained in the new patch notes for this update. 

All in all, this new PS5 system firmware wasn't a vital one for Sony to release as this issue that was plaguing the console wasn't necessarily disruptive. Still, it's good to see that Sony is looking to launch smaller patches of this type to fix any sort of niggles that might be present on the PS5. And for those that were growing frustrated by this Game Library display problem, at least they won't be troubled further. 

Moving forward, it's not yet known when the next major update for the PS5 will arrive. Typically, Sony tends to release a marquee patch of sorts for the PS5 every couple of months. With the latest big update for the PS5 having just launched in early March, though, it seems likely that we won't be getting any additional patches of this type for at least a bit longer. 

Are you someone who previously found this problem with the Game Library on PS5 annoying? And what new features and fixes would you like to see in forthcoming PS5 updates? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12