Teenage Reseller Makes Nearly $2 Million From PS5 and Pokemon Card Sales

Two of the hottest items over the past year have been Sony's next-gen video game console, the PlayStation 5, and the assortment of ever-popular Pokemon trading cards. Both products have particularly been massive hits when it comes to resale markets, as many customers have been looking to get their hands on the video game console and various trading cards at nearly any price. And to that end, one notable reseller has been able to take advantage of the desire from the market to make nearly millions.

In a new profile from The Wall Street Journal, one teenager by the name of Max Hayden has been able to make out like a bandit when it comes to the PS5 and Pokemon card resale market. To date, Hayden, who is only 16 years old and is still a junior in high school, has been able to make close to $2 million in total off of these sales. Specifically, Hayden's sales in total have amassed roughly $1.7 million with no signs of slowing down.

It's worth stressing that even though Hayden has been totaled $1.7 million in sales, this obviously isn't how much he has actually been able to pocket. Hayden has clearly needed to buy many of these items in the first place before then flipping them to other buyers at a higher price. As such, he has only made $110,000 in actual profit.

Still, Hayden's story is reflective of just how much things have changed over the past few years. Resell markets, especially with niche items such as this, have become massive, especially in light of the global pandemic. As such, sellers like Hayden have been able to capitalize on buying trends in this way to the tune of literally millions of dollars.


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