Rumor: Big Changes Coming to PSN For PlayStation 5


PSN during the PlayStation 3 era was notoriously horrible, but at least it was free. For the PlayStation 4, Sony radically improved PSN, but it's still far from perfect and needs considerable improvement and refinement in certain areas.

And apparently, but perhaps unsurprisingly, this is on the agenda for the PlayStation 5. According to Windows Central writer Jez Corden, Sony is gearing up to make a big platform and infrastructure update to PSN for the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, Corden doesn't disclose any details on what these said changes could be, but from the sounds of it, they could be as big of a leap as PS3 PSN to PS4 PSN.

Sony dominated this console generation, from start to finish. However, as this generation comes to an apparent end, it has wobbled, especially in the PR department.

The continued inability of PSN name changes and it's lack of cooperation in cross-platform play have plagued what has been otherwise all wins and high-fives for the PlayStation team. Luckily for Sony, releasing exclusive banger after exclusive banger has dimmed the uproar around it's shortcomings, but suffice to say, Sony will need to make changes to how it handles certain things soon, and starting with another big update to a dated PSN feels like a great first step.

Now, for the love of Kratos, please ship PS5 with the ability to change PSN names. I'm tired of playing Rocket League with my friends who have names that were god-tier in 8th grade, but aren't as hot now that we're much older.

As always, it's best to take all rumors, reports, leaks, etc., with a grain of salt. While this particular rumor/report seemingly reveals the obvious, there isn't much backing it up. Who knows what Sony has in-store for PSN, though we should be finding out soon with the shadow of the PS5 looming and growing everyday.


In other recent and related news, it has been revealed that AMD is helping Sony and Microsoft with each of their next-gen systems, particularly with working with cloud gaming.