PlayStation 5: Space Force Member Reportedly Demoted Due to Tardiness After Console Pursuit

Over the past few months, millions of people around the globe have been attempting to order [...]

Over the past few months, millions of people around the globe have been attempting to order Sony's new PlayStation 5 console to finally enter the next generation of gaming. Unfortunately for one person, the pursuit of the PS5 proved to be so consuming that it has caused them to now get in trouble with their employer.

Shared recently on Facebook, a member of the United States Space Force was recently disciplined, and outright demoted, for being 30-minutes late to a training session with the military branch. The reason this unnamed representative was late, however, was because he was spending time running to multiple Target stores in his area in the hopes of finding a PS5 sitting on a store shelf. When this person's superior then texted them and asked if they would be on time for that day's training, the demotee said they first needed to run to their home and get their gym clothes and uniform, which indicated that they would indeed be late.

Likely the funniest part of this story comes soon after. Despite acknowledging that they would be late to the workout session, the trainee didn't seem to mind as they sent a follow-up text stating "Yolo PS5 > letters of discipline" to their supervisor.

Obviously, this whole situation didn't end well for the member in question. In an accompanying letter soon after this situation, it was stated that this person would be demoted from the rank of Senior Airman to Airman First Class. The message also hinted that this seemingly wasn't the first time that this Space Force member had been late to a training session, too.

The worst part though is that we don't know how this tale actually ends. Did the person in question end up securing a PS5 for themselves at a Target they went to? Or did they end up empty-handed? While I'd be inclined to say that this whole tale would be worth it if they did cop a PlayStation 5, if they came away with nothing, there really is no silver lining to this whole ordeal. I'll hope that for their sake, wherever this person is, they now have a PS5 in their possession.

As for you, if you're still looking to snag a PS5 yourself, multiple retailers are still offering up orders on a weekly basis. Be sure to follow all of our coverage on the PlayStation 5 here at to stay in the loop for when restocks do occur.

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