PS5 Video Shows Off Helpful Feature for Changing Games' Settings

Sony shared a couple of new PlayStation 5 videos this week to help new console owners get their setups exactly right, and one of those videos revealed an interesting PlayStation 5 feature that hasn't been highlighted before. It's called "Game Presets," and from the looks of it, it's a helpful option that'll allow users to make sweeping changes to different games so that they won't have to go into each individual game to adjust the settings as often as they do on the PlayStation 4.

The "Recommended Settings" video in question can be seen below courtesy of the PlayStation Support channel on YouTube. It highlights a couple of different options in the PlayStation 5 console's settings which may prove useful to users, but it's not until towards the end of the video that we get to see the Game Presets option. You can see it at the 2:27 point in the video, but you have to pause it at the right time to take a good look since it's not the focus of the narration and is just something that's being scrolled past.

"Start new games with your preferred settings, such as difficulty and control options," an overview of the new setting within the console's menu said. "Your presets will be applied to games that support this feature. The selected settings will be applied differently depending on the game."

Within the menu, we see five different options for settings: Difficulty, Performance Mode or Resolution Mode, First-Person View, Third-Person View, and Subtitles and Audio. On the Difficulty and Performance Mode or Resolution Mode options, "Game Default" is shown which suggests those options will just take on whatever the game you're playing starts with. You can presumably set these to your liking to always play on either Performance or Resolution modes and can set general difficulty levels if you tend to play games on easier or harder modes.

Similar settings will likely be found under the other three options for in-game perspectives, audio, and subtitles. There's a chance the games you're playing may not support the Game Presets feature anyway which means you'll have to configure settings the old-fashioned way, but for future releases, this should be a helpful, time-saving PlayStation 5 feature that'll take away some of that setup process.