PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Dates Reportedly Revealed

The PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates have been revealed in a new report. At the moment of publishing, Sony has not provided a release date or a release window for its next-gen PlayStation console beyond "holiday 2020." Meanwhile, Microsoft has provided a more narrow release window of November 2020, but that's all it's said so far. According to recent rumors, both console makers will announce release and pricing information next month. In the meanwhile, a new report has surfaced online that has potentially spilled the beans for both.

According to VGC, which cites numerous development and retail sources, both consoles are going to release within weeks of each other, just like the PS4 and Xbox One did. The report notes the Xbox Series X is currently slated to release within the first week of the month, which likely means it's releasing on November 6, as consoles now typically release on Friday. However, it's possible it could release a few days earlier on November 3, which is a Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the report claims the PS5 will release sometime in the middle of the month, so likely the following Friday, which is November 13. Again, a Tuesday release isn't out of the question, so it could drop on November 10, but this is less likely. The middle of the month could also mean the following Friday, November 20, as well.

Perhaps hinting at the latter date is VGC's claim that Sony has reportedly "booked significant marketing spend” for the seven days after November 13. You'd assume it would do this the week before the console's release, not the week after.


Unfortunately, this is where the salient details end. And it's important to note that everything here is not official information, which means it should all be taken with a grain of salt, because even if it's 100 percent accurate, it's also subject to change.

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