PUBG Extends Limited-Time Ranked Ruleset Test

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched a limited-time test not long ago to try out a Ranked [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launched a limited-time test not long ago to try out a Ranked Ruleset in preparation for the game's upcoming Competitive Mode. For players who didn't get to try out the ranked presets during the first test, PUBG Corp. announced that it's bringing back the test for another weekend to gather more feedback from players about how the ranked rules feel and what should be changed about them. That second Ranke Ruleset test is underway now and will continue for the rest of the weekend until it ends on March 16th with the same rules as the ones that were in place last time.

PUBG Corp. said it's bringing back the Ranked Ruleset this weekend since the Vikendi test where players tried out the reworked map ran at the same time as the Ranked Ruleset preview, so players had to choose between which mode they wanted to test. This test was made possible by the PUBG Labs feature which was added not long ago and allows PUBG Corp. to test things like this without relegating the new features to the test serves where not as many players can participate.

The developers also addressed the matter of why a Ranked Ruleset was even needed if there are already guidelines in place for esports – why not just adopt those? The esports guidelines do speed things up, but PUBG Corp. said they're too big a change from the normal game settings for non-esports players.

"It's getting players into the action faster to keep the audience engaged," PUBG Corp. said about the esports rules. "This puts the focus on the competition between the professionals who play PUBG for a living, with as few external elements impacting their tactics and movements as possible, such as the Red Zone. We looked at a lot of data after releasing the PGC 2019 mode last year and came to the conclusion that the Esports Ruleset was too big of a change from the normal Public Match for most players. After looking at all the numbers, the Ranked Ruleset is an attempt to appeal to a wider spectrum of PUBG players who want to be challenged by a competitive environment but still want to play a game they know and understand."

PUBG's Ranked Ruleset tests are underway now and will continue until March 16th.