New 'PUBG' Patch Coming Soon, Maintenance Announced

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ newest patch is going live soon with PUBG Corp. announcing its [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' newest patch is going live soon with PUBG Corp. announcing its scheduled maintenance which will bring about the release of Update 25.

After spending some time on the PC version's test servers for players to explore the changes and new features, the new PUBG update will be applied following maintenance on January 30th. The maintenance is expected to last around seven hours, PUBG Corp. said, with the full patch notes for the update already being revealed.

Included in the update is the Snowbike, PUBG's newest vehicle which is reserved for the Vikendi map, the latest of the game's map selections. PUBG released the video above for that Snowbike to show off what it can do on the snowy map and said the vehicle was less sturdy than the Snowmobile, though it lets either one or two players move around the map quicker as a trade-off.

Along with that Snowbike, the new Bizon weapon is also being added in the next update. It's classified as an SMG and can only be found on Vikendi and Erangel and can also be outfitted with muzzle and sight attachments. PUBG's video below previewed that weapon's gameplay prior to its release after the maintenance concludes.

A Canted Sight is also being added which allows players to switch back and forth between different sights. Vikendi players will also notice a different weather setting with a "Moonlight" mode added that illuminates the map with a full moon and the aurora borealis.

PUBG's new update is scheduled to release on January 30th after maintenance has concluded.