PUBG's Performance Issues and FPS Problems Are a "Top Priority" Right Now

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players have been upset for some time about the game's numerous [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players have been upset for some time about the game's numerous problems online. Today, developer PUBG Corporation addressed a number of the issues facing the online battle royale game, in an attempt to let fans know that they are fully aware of these issues, and working towards fixing them. Among the issues PUBG Corporation lists are performance issues, DDoS attacks, crashing issues, and more. All in all, it's a rather thorough listing of the many issues PUBG players have been having with the game, and hopefully the acknowledgement will lead to the implementation of some much-needed fixes.

All online games encounter similar issues, but PUBG's problems are notable because these issues seem to have been widespread for quite some time. Addressing them is certainly a step in the right direction, but getting the issues resolved will need to remain a priority for the developer. MMO games can only thrive for so long when games continually crash, or don't perform the way they're supposed to. Many PUBG players have made their displeasure known on social media, and will likely continue to do so until proper fixes are put into place.

While social media comments aren't always indicative of a game's performance, PUBG has been having issues retaining players, and it's hard not to assume these issues have played a big part in that. The game still maintains an impressively large user base, but the numbers are definitely down, and declines could very well continue. Earlier this week, Twitch streamer chocoTaco announced a break from the game, citing its many issues as the reason for doing so. On Twitter, chocoTaco has more than 77,000 followers. High-profile players publicly dropping PUBG will hurt the game in a major way.

While the game's problems are certainly notable, it wasn't always this way. Released on Microsoft Windows in December 2017, PUBG received universal acclaim and several awards, including Best Multiplayer at The Game Awards 2017. Since then, PUBG has been released on several platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The majority of the issues surrounding the game have been confined to PC, but the console versions have also faced issues.

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