PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Rolls Back Anti-Cheat Patch

The new anti-cheat patch that was recently deployed for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has now [...]

The new anti-cheat patch that was recently deployed for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has now been removed following issues that made the game unplayable for many.

PUBG's anti-cheat patch was designed to do exactly what the name suggests by limiting the use of third-party services when playing the battle royale game while tackling other methods that players were using to nab some ill-gotten wins. However, that patch also seemed to target players who said they weren't doing anything out of line as well with those claiming they adhered to fair-play practices reportedly being banned alongside others.

Backtracking on their previous stance that proclaimed that PUBG Corp. wouldn't be removing the problematic patch, the game's team shared news through Twitter that the patch would, in fact, be rolled back despite the success that it supposedly brought by blocking out cheaters.

The PUBG team had acknowledged the issues previously, but instead of announcing plans at the time to remove the patch from the PC version, instructions were provided on how players could help PUBG Corp investigate the issue. The announcement also stated that the patch wouldn't be removed and offered advice on workarounds for issues.

"Go to Start -> Run -> Enter "msinfo32"-> file -> export -> enter a file name and click save," the PUBG team said. Please upload this file to the following forum thread, we will then forward all files to our development team for investigation.

"We will not be removing our recent patch in order to keep blocking cheats effectively. For now, if nothing happens after trying to launch the game, please add both tslgame and tslgame_BE to the exception list in your anti-virus software (e.g. Trend Micro Internet Security, Avast)."

The latest issue with the anti-cheat patch follows a delay in the initial rollout that was announced back in February when the update was supposed to be on Feb. 5. There is no confirmed date for when the patch will return with various fixes.

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