PUBG Trailer Teases Season 7 and the Return of Vikendi

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is preparing to bring back Vikendi after the map was pulled from the map rotation with a new Season 7 trailer hinting at its return and what to expect. The teaser trailer dropped by PUBG Corp. recently included references to some of the parts of Vikendi added or upgraded since the rework that include trains and dinosaurs-themed settings soon to be found throughout the frozen battleground. April 22nd is the date that’s been set for the return of the map, so those who’ve been missing out on Vikendi since its removal can expect to revisit the map then.

The teaser was a short one and only hinted at parts of Vikendi without actually showing any of the map – or at least not many discernable parts of it. The ominous teaser compared to other previews of PUBG content showed a flickering TV with scenes of dinosaurs and other things flashing across it with the sound of trains playing to end the teaser.

As noted by the game’s official Twitter account, it looks like players can expect Vikendi to return in the next few weeks.

For those unfamiliar with PUBG Corp.’s plans for Vikendi, the map was removed when Karakin was added so that the team could work on it and make it a better version of what it previously was. Some previews of the plans for the map showed that it would indeed have trains when it returned along with an expanded version of Dinopark which would explain the dinosaur references in the teaser. Those trains will move around the map instead of just being stationary points for players to visit which will be an interesting feature for PUBG players to master when traversing the map and evading the closing zones.

An overview of the planned changes can be found below courtesy of PUBG Corp.’s previous updates, but we won’t know the full extent of the changes until the map is fully unveiled and detailed by the devs when Season 7 begins.


Vikendi Changes

  • New railroads and trains have been added across Vikendi
  • A large portion of Vikendi’s snow has been removed or reduced
  • Dinopark has been expanded to Dinoland
  • Modified towns and terrain
    • Dinoland
    • Abbey has been relocated to Mount Kreznic
    • Removed: Tovar, Movatra

PUBG’s Vikendi map will return to the PC platform starting on April 22nd.