'PUBG' Update Adds Training Mode on Xbox One

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ latest update for the Xbox One added the Training Mode, new [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest update for the Xbox One added the Training Mode, new weapons, and other features.

Those who have been following the changes added to the Xbox One's test servers may have already tried out the Training Mode, but for everyone else, it's now available to all following the release of the patch. After testing the Training Mode and more features on the test servers, PUBG Corp. announced that the new patch was ready to go live and released the update on October 25th.

A 2x2 map, the Training Mode is a place for players to test weapons, tactics, and new features before they take the fight into a real match. Now included in the lobby is a matchmaking option called "Training Mode" that'll take players to the map where up to 20 people can play at once. Each instance of the Training Mode will last for 30 minutes, and players can test out whatever they want without having to worry about other players griefing and killing them since players' health can't drop below 1 HP in Training Mode. The video above gives a visual for what players can expect to find in the Training Mode.

While the Training Mode is a focal point of the update, it's not the only new addition that PUBG Corp. included in the patch. Two new weapons called the Beryl M762 and the MK47 Mutant were also added, both of them being assault rifles found on each of the three maps. The Beryl has higher recoil and lower bullet damage than the AKM but makes up for it with a faster firing rate, PUBG Corp. explained, and the Mutant has both a single-shot and two-round-burst firing mode to accommodate different situations.

More vehicles were also added, but these will only be found on the Sanhok map. Letting players pile multiple people into one vehicle, the two-seater Scooter and the three-seater Tukshai vehicle can both be found around Sanhok.

New Halloween skins were also added in the update, cosmetics that cost varying amounts of the different currencies available in PUBG. Skins can be purchased either as sets or as individual pieces and are available from now until November 20th when they'll be removed from the store with each of the different skin sets detailed here.

PUBG's latest update is now live on the Xbox One.