Rad Rodgers Brings 90’s Style Platforming To Consoles Next Month, With A Twist

Looking for a different style of 2D platforming game, but not particularly in the mood for Bubsy: [...]

Looking for a different style of 2D platforming game, but not particularly in the mood for Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back? We can't say we blame you. But next month, THQ Nordic will release a new game that should bring all your 90's memories roaring back – but with an obscene little twist.

The publisher has announced that it will release the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platformer Rad Rodgers out on February 21st, with all the crazy violence, bloodshed and action that you can expect. The game was previously released on PC, but now it will come with additional levels, leaderboards, customizable items, extra enemies and other little additions. (These will be added to the PC version via a free update.)

In the game, you portray Rad, a gamer that takes pride in his numerous sessions. However, while taking a break from his latest one, he falls asleep and suddenly finds himself sucked into his video game world via a mysterious vortex. The only person that will help him out is his game console, conveniently voiced by Duke Nukem himself, Jon St. John.

The two team up together, using high-tech weaponry and classic platforming skills to collect gems and bring down dangerous enemies that are taking over the troubled First World.

As you proceed on your journey, you'll be treated to a fun soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult, while also collecting new weaponry, including the Bolt Blaster and the Phoenix Cannon. Oh, and you'll also be able to hunt down a number of Easter Eggs within the world. After all, it wouldn't be a 90's platformer without those, right?

Although a price hasn't been given on Rad Rodgers as of yet, it's likely to be around $20 or so, depending on what THQ Nordic decides on. That should be more than worth it to players that have been seeking a fun 2D platforming challenge.

Be sure to check out the trailer above and let the nostalgia wash over you. Just don't sit still too long, lest you become a blood-splattered mess at the hands of one of First World's worst. Yeesh. Get the spatula.