Rage 2 to Have Multiplayer, According to Job Post


Bethesda through everyone a curveball when they announced that Rage 2 would be coming afterall, even more so that the reveal came shortly before E3. With Avalanche Studio and id Software working hand-in-hand on the new game, the Borderlands-esque sequel looks to offer what the first title didn't. Apparently, it might also include multiplayer, at least that's what it looks like from a recent job listing on the site.

According to a new listing that showed up for Avalanche Studios, the company is looking for a senior multiplayer programmer to "lead the multiplayer development of our newest open world / sandbox multiplayer game." The listing also mentions it's not just one title that they are looking for concerning this hire-able position, "We have a long history of creating some of the most immersive, playful and procedural game worlds in the industry. With our next set of titles we are bringing these worlds to life in multiplayer environments and this is where You come in."

The listing added, "You will work within a smaller and tight cross-discipline team implementing, extending and supporting game modes and other features for both the single player and multiplayer parts of the game. As with most multiplayer development, a keen sense of fun gameplay and that 6th sense for what gives the perfect "feeling" are both key aspects for this role."

An interesting addition, if this is for Rage 2. The thought of multiplayer had been previously rumored, but if their previous statement that the game will have zero lootboxes - this will be a refreshing revamp of a dying trend.

With Avalanche Studios working in tandem with id Software, many were wondering if the collaboration effort would affect the first person shooter in more monetisable ways. Luckily, Id Software studio director Tim Willits was willing to step up to the plate and face those concerns head one with some pretty good news for those strictly in the "no loot boxes" camp. Willits cheekily told Game Star, "We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it."


He also added that though Avalanche has been brought on to tackle the scope of open world, that it won't overshadow Id's participation with the gameplay experience stating, "It has never been such a 'develop a game and then show it to us' opportunity between us." The game has always been a collaborative project, featuring "id-like first-person shooter action. And at Avalanche is the Open World expertise."

The studio head also noted that they are definitely approaching this title in terms of longevity and one of the ways they hope to achieve that is post-launch content to make it more fun. "We at id and Bethesda have always loved the Rage world and the basic idea of ​​the game. And then there was the opportunity to work with Avalanche and with it the opportunity to do what we always wanted to do."