New 'Rage 2' Trailer Releasing at The Game Awards

A new Rage 2 trailer is scheduled to be released during The Game Awards, Bethesda announced on Monday.

Rage 2 isn’t one of the games that’s been nominated for any awards at the show seeing how it’s not out just yet and there’s no category for the most anticipated games, but Bethesda has created one category that the game might be nominated for. “Best Post-Post-Apocalyptic Western” is the category put forth by Bethesda, an award that’s quite specific and one that Rage 2 likely wouldn’t have much competition in.

Within the tweet that included a video joking about that fictional category, Bethesda also teased a reveal for Rage 2 by saying a new trailer would premiere during The Game Awards on December 6th.

Rage 2 was revealed earlier in the year in May when the publisher released the first trailer for the game that’s shown above. The reveal of the sequel to Rage would’ve been a total surprise to many people had the game not been leaked first by Walmart Canada when list of unreleased games appeared on the retailer’s site. Instead of refuting the leak, Bethesda played along by correcting the information shown on the Rage 2 listing with the appropriate font and other changes. The teasers were followed by the eventual reveal of the game’s first trailer with an extended look at the gameplay coming the next month.

Multiple game reveals and announcements were teased not long ago for The Game Awards with Rage 2 now confirmed to be just one of the games among the list. More than 10 games are said to be revealed during the show from studios big and small, and the Rage 2 trailer will be revealed somewhere in that mix.


People have been speculating about who and what might make an appearance during The Game Awards with suggestions like the Splinter Cell series showing up alongside the assumption that Death Stranding will be there in some form, but not many games or reveals have been confirmed so far. Some studios have confirmed that they won’t be there though to get ahead of any speculation about their possible appearances. CD Projekt Red said it won’t be bringing The Game Awards viewers any news related to Cyberpunk 2077, and Rocksteady said it won’t be there either while also debunking some rumors about what its next game is.

The Game Awards’ stream is scheduled to begin on December 6th at 6 p.m. PT.