Raiders of the Broken Planet Ultimate Edition is Out Now

(Photo: Sony/Playstation)

MercuryStream Entertainment, best known for its work on the Castlevania franchise and Metroid: Samus Returns, announced the release of a new "Ultimate Edition" for its in-house title Raiders of the Broken Planet today. In an official blog post, the developer shared a new trailer to celebrate the release and explain what comes with it.

The sci-fi action adventure was originally released this past September and received average reviews from most critics. The Ultimate Edition promises fans of the sci-fi scoundrel adventure the "full" experience of the game, and includes a few bonuses as well. When players pick up the Ultimate Edition, they'll receive all four of the game's premium campaigns, titled Alien Myths, Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal and Council Apocalypse. Along with that, five premium character skins are available for players to use: Harec's Red Death, Shae's Nun Custodia, Lycus Dion's Prussian Mercenary, Konstantin's Rusty Pilgrim, and Alicia in her Reborn form.

In Raiders of the Broken Planet, players are given the option to experience the story from "both" sides of the battle, playing as a Raider or an Antagonist in a deadly war for survival. The two sides are after a source of energy known as 'Aleph', and the heroes -- a rag-tag crew of scoundrels, as any space adventure might have -- must find it before dangerous forces use it to destroy entire planetary societies. The game can be played with friends or on its own, and for what its worth, it features some seriously beautiful artwork. We're not entirely sure why Lycus Dion's posterior is being used for the marketing campaign, but the Ultimate Edition looks like it's worth picking up if you've been waiting to play a more "whole" version of this game.

Raiders of the Broken Planet: Ultimate Edition is available now for PS4 and PC.