Rainbow Six Siege Disables a Problematic Operator Again

Rainbow Six Siege players who prefer to play as Clash have once again been dealt another blow now that the Operator has been disabled. Yet another exploit has been discovered that pertains to the character which means that Clash has been taken offline again until the issue can be resolved. Ubisoft announce the decision this week which follows several other problems occurring with Clash over the past few months that caused her to be constantly disabled.

The familiar news about Clash was shared on Friday through Ubisoft’s social media accounts and on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit. Details about the exploit that was discovered weren’t shared of course, but players should expect Clash to be disabled regardless until the problems are fixed.

“We are deactivating Clash today. We have become aware of an exploit, and have decided to deactivate Clash,” Ubisoft said. As such, Clash will not be available for play until we have resolved the issue.”

Players of course wanted to know what the exploit was this time that caused her to be disabled, and judging from the responses in the comments of the Reddit post, it looks like the problem once again dealt with Clash’s shield and how it intercepted bullets. The video above demonstrated what appears to be the latest Clash exploit where players could shoot through the shield to hit players and barriers on the other side of it. That obviously defeats the purpose of a shield that’s supposed to block incoming fire, so it makes sense that Clash would be disabled.


But the character’s exit from the live game means that Clash once again playable for people who own her, an occurrence that’s becoming all too common now. Clash has been taken away and brought back numerous times now ever since the Operator was first revealed and later added.

No potential return date for Clash was given by Ubisoft, so those who played her for the brief time she was available will have to go back to whoever they were playing while she was disabled last time.

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