Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid Releasing In Late August

The next update for Rainbow Six Siege called Operation Blood Orchid has been announced and is [...]

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid
(Photo: Ubisoft)

The next update for Rainbow Six Siege called Operation Blood Orchid has been announced and is releasing soon on Aug. 29.

Ubisoft revealed news of the update recently and discussed the upcoming content through an official blog post that promised several new additions coming with Operation Blood Orchid. Coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms, the newest update is the second round of content that follows the first update that came earlier called Operation Health. The first update fixed quite a few issues that players had pointed out in the game, and this newest one will introduce more operators and another map to play on.

While exact details of the update have not yet been revealed, it's been confirmed that one of the first changes that'll be readily available to all players is a new map. Judging from the photo that's been provided, it appears that the new map will feature an amusement park setting.

Regardless of the exact details of the map, it's definitely taking place in Hong Kong. The map will be free to all players immediately when it's released.

Along with the Hong Kong map, several new Operators are also being released to give more unique options for players. Two of the new Operators are expected to be from the location of the new map, Hong Kong, and the third will be from Poland. All three of these new Operators will be available free of charge to Rainbow Six Siege players who are season pass holders, but players without the pass will have to wait a bit longer. The Operators will be available on Sept. 5 for all players to purchase with in-game currency.

New customization items are also set to be released with the update, though the specifics on those have yet to be announced.

For further details on Operation Blood Orchid, Ubisoft is encouraging players to tune into their livestream of the Rainbow Six Pro League finals during Gamescom where plenty more details are planned to be revealed related to the new update.

The Pro League finals will take place on Aug. 25-26, and Operation Blood Orchid will be released on Aug. 29.